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About Us

Grennell's Driving School has been in business for over 10 years, providing excellent service to individuals. We command an expert team of instructors and an excellent training programme geared at delivering the requisite skills needed to be the safe and confident driver on the road.

A combination of highly skilled driving instructors, safe modern training methods and state of the art teaching methods, have made Grennell's one of the most successful driving schools in Jamaica, with instructors that were trained by us, hence we know the competence of our instructors and the quality service we have to offer. We are sure that no other driving school can match our record, in terms of success in the driving test and ensuring that each student obtains a true life skill. Customers can be assured that they are getting the best possible start to ensure a lifetime of safe and defensive driving.
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Mission Statement

The mission of Grennell's Driver Safety Training and Services is to educate and influence the general society and drivers in particular to adopt safe road practices and atttidues to prevent and mitigate human suffering, death and economic losses arising from preventable motor vehicle crashes.

Purpose Statement

“Make our road safer one person at a time, whether you walk, ride or drive”

Customer Charter

Our DRIVE is to create an environment where sustainable, excellent customer service is the heart beat of its operation.

Defensively is how we train you to drive.
Reliable and dependable services are what we offer.
Integrity is a MUST in all operation of our business.
Vigilance is required to properly guide, appraise and instruct students.
Employees with the right attitudes and behaviours are indispensable to the success of our operations.